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Im 20 & Live in the UK.

Grunge Heaven

Grunge Heaven by alexhindle featuring a black leather necklace Alexander Wang white Mango leather shirt$100 – Topshop Black skinny Nike sneaker$145 – Black leather necklace$93 – 90’s Handmade Black Tattoo Choker Necklace Vintage Elastic Stretch…

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Snapshots of the week!

If any of you follow me on Instagram @alexandrahindle you will know what a fun time I have been having recently! And I just finished UNi today! Could not be happier so today I went to the gym then handed … Continue reading

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Bird cage

This is my cute bird cage in my room that I use to hang my jewellery! I love it a lot and they don’t get tangled together! I only paid about £7 for it too! Excellent!

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New purchase

I’m in baby blue heaven!!! What do you think? I imagine I will wear this with everything it’s so cute and sooo soft!

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Some quick snaps from today! Doing university work and I’m so close to the end! Can’t wait!

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Recently ordered

As I go on holiday in about 10 weeks to Thailand! Eek! I have ordered this lovely bikini in the Nelly sale! Love it and cannot wait for it to arrive! Have you been to Thailand before? Any places to … Continue reading

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Spring perfection!

Spring perfection! by alexhindle featuring a colored light Zara poplin Oasis tailored jacket$115 – Topshop High heel Chanel black Miss Selfridge fedora Bobbi Brown Cosmetics cheek Nail Tom Dixon colored light$740 – Jeffrey Court Creama … Continue reading

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