New Additions

I did a bit of shopping at the weekend and picked myself up this lovely effect skirt which is from Zara and is the ‘Special T’ edition. The material is so cool its like a thick neoprene mesh! I intend to wear this with a white tshirt and tights and some high heeled boots! I also got this lovely camouflage dress which was only £12 in the sale! Yay! I have a lot of birthdays coming up soon so hopefully I will wear it to an event soon with some simple strappy heels. 


My hair looks a lot more fiery on these pics, its a lot lighter in real life, I want to get it died soon to a blog colour as you may have seen from pics its a light brown at the top.



About thecranberrydiaries

Im 20 & Live in the UK.
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4 Responses to New Additions

  1. Such nice things, do you by any chance no what the skirt is called or no a link to it online. Great Blog btw 🙂

  2. Great purchase! the camo print dress looks lovely!Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do drop by my blog as well :

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