Stylight…My View


If you haven’t heard of Stylight already you really need to check it out! Its an amazing concept which should be explored by all of you!

For those of you that haven’t yet encountered Stylight its a great website which takes your online shopping experience to a new level.

Stylight has over 5000 brands and even more products so you will never be short of something to buy and whats best is that you can create your own profile and use these products to create ‘looks’ which other members of the Stylight community can view! You can also upload your own pictures and videos and much more.

Stylight is also great if you are looking for inspiration or don’t know what to wear as there are thousands of people like you who have created their favourite looks so it’s perfect if your struggling with how to style your new heels and if you see the perfect product you can just buy it straight from there. There is no internet searching for the designer or shop as it’s all there ready to buy direct from Stylight.

Once you create your account you can follow other accounts which you like or view the most popular. If you like someone else’s look or post you can simply press the heart and this is stored on your account so you can view it at any time.

On Stylight you can also look at the trending products to see what everyone else is loving and buying which is also great to keep you up to date!

Stylight is a truly great concept with a vast community of fellow shoppers and bloggers sharing their styles and views and believe me once you create an account and start finding members and looks you like you will be addicted! If you have an account what do you think of Stylight? If you have an account post the link on here so I can see the looks you have created yourself!

Here is a look I created:




To visit my account on Stylight clickย here.ย 

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Im 20 & Live in the UK.
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