Here is some of my recent photography work! Haven’t had chance to upload any of my laptop photos as I’ve been so busy so I’m doing a shitty iPhone post! I’m so tired its 11.46 right now and I have a busy day tomorrow too! Sold loads of my clothes on eBay so need to get it all posted!! Xx

20130221-114753 PM.jpg

20130221-114807 PM.jpg

20130221-114821 PM.jpg

20130221-114833 PM.jpg

20130221-114848 PM.jpg

20130221-114902 PM.jpg

20130221-114922 PM.jpg

20130221-114934 PM.jpg

20130221-114945 PM.jpg

About thecranberrydiaries

Im 20 & Live in the UK.
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3 Responses to Photography

  1. acristys says:

    love the first photo.

  2. Wow, you are an amazing photographer. My favourite is the last photo.

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